The Depressed Cake Shop

A few weeks ago i offered my assistance with the Bristol branch of The Depressed Cake Shop and yesterday we took to The Bear Pit in Stokes Croft, Bristol to raise some funds for mental health charity Rethink.

The premise of the pop stalls, which are happening all around the country (here is the Facebook group if you want to start one or find your nearest one is here) is that the stall is laden with grey cakes and sweet treats. All of them had to be grey but you could go as colourful as you liked on the inside. I went for my lemon curd/jam bakewells and an enormous layer cake with madness inducing coloured sponge inside and a grey fondant icing on the outer layer with black silhouettes of people holding hands around the outside. Poor Mental health is something that apparently affects 1 in 4 people, i am starting to believe these days that anyone who say’s they don’t have a problem is lying or hasn’t realised yet. As someone that suffers with an anxiety disorder and have had depression in the past i really felt it was the right thing to do to bake until my back was crippled and it was gone midnight to get some cash into the coffers!

I am very pleased to say that we had such a good time doing it and the response was overwhelming with offers of help, support and cake donations, the total we managed to raise over £300! Here are some photos of the stall.

If you want to read the most excellent food blog of one of the organisers, she can be found lurking over here at


How cute are those sock monkeys??

My multicoloured cake

The full stall

Depressed cat doughnuts who we realised looked like totoro!

Credit to Beth Ward for the photos.

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