One hour skirt by Brett Bara

Stop the presses, i found it.

The only “simple skirt” tutorial i have managed to follow and complete without sobbing uncontrollably, flinging my sewing machine across the room, phoning my mother or giving up all together.

I would say this would suit someone who has had a go at little sewing projects before but essentially, it is “sewing in a straight line” and you need only the most basic of equipment and access to sewing machine. The added beauty is that you can be as a big, bodacious babe or slim sally and it makes no difference to the pattern, perfect for my fellow fatties who struggle to find skirts that fit our sexy bods. However whilst making your own clothes can sometimes be a good way to dress cheap if you start splashing out on fancy fabric you will end up spending a fortune so try charity shops, Ebay and and even look at double duvet covers on sale to save the pennies and ask for the fancy stuff for birthdays and christmas.

You can find the video and where to find this wonderful ladies book here and i implore you to try one before the summer out.

Here is my poorly photographed attempt with fabric bought by the BF and i got so many compliments i’m going to make another asap! 


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