Hello and welcome along!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog

It hit me the other day that my life is a walking contradiction. I work a boring office job, get paid pittance and live in a bedsit in a rather gentrified area of town. On the other hand I am a massive foodie, love the finer things in life and have learned over the years to  live well on a shoe string, never dropping the middle class mask I have embraced and learned to love as I’ve got older. I am hoping you will find my recipes, reviews, social ramblings and tips for living far too well in relation to your bank balance as entertaining as i find writing them.

I am hoping to update with my first post of interest this week and have a wonderful chocolate cake planned for the weekend so watch this space!

Bedsit Bonne Vivante

5 Replies to “Hello and welcome along!”

  1. Hey! Looking forward to reading the blog! Sounds like a really great concept. Will be keeping my eyes peeled for plenty of frugal tips.

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